• Morai Group is a mining, exploration and Trading company with interests in Chrome, Manganese, Iron Ore and Tantalite.
  • We believe in sustainable development, community upliftment, social and physical development of the African Continent .
  • Technology forms a very big part of our value system
  • We are process driven with a major focus and emphasis on quality of product
  • On average most of our current export are to China though we have local companies that we currently supply to.


  • With over a billion people and the richest untapped resources in the world, Africa represents the last frontier for growth and wealth creation over the next fifty years. Often misunderstood and amorphous, Africa like Asia before it, is rising from the dust of despair.
  • Africa has the resources, Africa needs to be rebuilt, we intend to be an integral part of sustainable resource exploration, mining, trading and infrastructure development in Africa. As obscure, imprecise and misjudged the continent maybe, we understand its challenges and needs and intend to build on this very important ingredient for success on the continent.
  • By following our model of high ethics and sustainable development and community building we believe we can go where no company has ventured in delivering unsurpassable returns for our investors, partners and local communities.
  • We have a major emphasis in steel base metals with a major focus on Chrome, Manganese, Iron Ore and Tantalite